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      Richland Chambers Lake's excellent forage base sustains marvelous growth rates for gamefish. Black bass are frequently targeted here and many fish with double-digit weights are reported. Largemouth bass in the 10-lb. range are not unusual. Other angling opportunities include white bass, crappie and catfish.

     White Bass fishing is awesome on this beautiful 45,000 acre lake located 75 miles southeast of Dallas. In Summer, topwater schooling activity kicks in gear almost every morning from around 7-11 am, and again in late afternoon from 5-8 pm. Best baits are 1/8 oz. chrome/blue rattletraps and clear tiny torpedos. Catching a 25 Fish Limit is normally no problem. This action is absolutely great for kids as the fish are fun and easy to catch.

    Crappie are abundant in this lake although sometimes difficult to locate. In summer crappie can be found in deep water (25' plus) on manmade brushpiles. Best baits are small minnows, fished just above the brush. Slip bobbers work well when the crappie are finicky and biting lightly. Tiny chartreuse, white or yellow jigs can also turn the crappie on. Some days pink jigs can also be hot, experiment for best results.

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Each detailed map provides depth, contours, structure, boat ramps, and updated fishing information. Lake Richland Chambers fishing maps also include lake info such as gamefish abundance, forage base, water clarity, weedline depth, bottom composition, complete latitude/longitude grid lines and dozens of GPS waypoints & coordinates.
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