Fish Facts


  •  NORTHERN PIKE (also known as great northern pike, jackfish, snake)

    • Light oval spots on dark green becoming lighter on the side
    • Wavy dark bands on the dorsal, anal and pelvic fins
    • Duck-like jaws
    • Cheek fully scaled, upperhalf of opercle only scaled, 10 pores on undersides of lower jaw
    • Prefers shallow, well-vegetated ares in warm water
    • Frequently found in less than 1m (3 ft.) of water
    • Matures at 2-4 years of age
    • Spring spawner on vegetated floodplains of rivers, marshes and bays immediately after ice-out
    • Eggs hatch in 12-14 days
    • Almost exclusively fish but will eat small animals
    • Trolling or casting with spoons, plugs, spinners or spinner baits
    • Still-fishing with baitfish at the edge of weed beds


     MUSKIE (also known as muskellunge, musky and lunge)

    • Distinguished by vertical bars or spots on its side
    • Sides may be clear at times
    • Tips of tail fin more pointed then northern pike
    • Cheek and opercle both scaled only on upper half, 12-18 pores on undersides of lower jaw
    • Quiet, weedy areas of lakes and rivers
    • Spawns in the spring in low-lying marshy areas
    • Feeds on mainly on fish, but also crayfish, frogs, mice, muskrats and waterfowl
    • Mainly caught trolling or casting with heavy spoons and large plugs, spinners or spinner baits


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