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This section provides fishing information for popular lakes & rivers. Before heading out to that new lake or river, check here to find out which fish species inhabit the area.


SM=Smallmouth Bass
LM=Largemouth Bass
P=Northern Pike
YP=Yellow Perch
BC=Black Crappie
RB=Rock Bass
WB=White Bass
BB=Brown Bullhead
RT=Rainbow Trout
BK=Brook Trout
BW=Brown Trout
LT=Lake Trout
H=Lake Herring
CH=Chinook Salmon
CO=Coho Salmon
PK=Pink Salmon
LW=Lake Whitefish
CC=Channel Cat
Abamasagi Lake W, P, YP, LW
Abamategwia Lake W, P, LT
Abitibi Lake W, P
Abram Lake W, P, M, SM, LT, LW
Agimak Lake W, P
Agonzon Lake W, P
Allan Lake W, P
Anne Lake RT
Aquatuk Lake P, LT, BK
Arethusa Lake W, P
Atikwa Lake W, LT
Bad Vermilion Lake W, SM, LT
Baker Lake W, P
Barrel Lake W, P, SM
Basket Lake W, P
Beaverhouse Lake W, P, SM, LT
Berens Lake W, P, LW
Big Trout Lake W, P, LT, LW
Big Vermilion Lake P, M, SM, LT, LW
Birch Lake W, P, LT, LW
Black Duck Lake W, P
Black Sturgeon Lake P
Blindfold Lake W, P, SM
Brant River BK
Burrows Lake W, P, YP, LW
Calm Lake W, P, LM
Canyon Lake W, P, M, SM, YP, LW
Caribou Lake W, P, LT
Carroll Lake W, P, LW
Cat Lake W, P, BW
Cedar L. (Dryden) W, P, M, SM, YP, LW
Cedar L. (Terrace Bay) P, YP, BK
Cheepash River W, BK
Chipman Lake W, P, YP, LT, LW
Churchill Lake W, P, LW
Clay Lake W, P, M, LW
Clearwater West Lake P, LT
Cliff Lake W, M, SM, LT, LW
Coli Lake W, P, LW
Commando Lake LT, BK, RT
Confederation Lake P, LT, LW
Crabclaw Lake W, P, SM, LT
Crooked Pine Lake W, P
Cuttle Lake W, P
Deer Lake W, P, LT, LW
Dinonwic Lake W, P, M, SM, YP, LW
Dogtooth W, P, SM, LW
Dore Lake W, P, YP, LW
Dryberry Lake P, LT, LW
Eagle Lake W, P, M, SM, YP, LT, LW
Edmondson Lake P
Ekwan River BK
Eltrut Lake W, P
English River W, P, SM
Eno Lake BK, RT
Entwine Lake W, LT
Eskwanonwatin Lake W, P
Esnagami Lake W, P, YP, LT, LW
Esox Lake P, SM, LT
Ethelma Lake LT
Fernow Lake W, P, YP, LT, LW
Fields Lake W, P, YP
Flatt Lake W, P
Fleming Lake P, YP, LW
Fletcher Lake W, P, SM
Floodwood Lake W, P
Frank Lake W, P
Frederick House Lake W, P
French Lake W, P, SM, LT
Froude Lake RT
Fushimi Lake W, P, LW
Gamsby Lake W, P, YP, LW
Garter Lake LT
Gordon Lake YP, LT
Gravel River W, BK, RT
Grey Trout Lake LT
Griffin Lake W, P
Groundhog River W, P, ST
Guilfoyle Lake W, P
Gull Lake W, P, LW
Gulliver Lake W, P, LT
Gullrock Lake W, P, LW
Harris Lake W, P
Hawley L. LT, BK
Hayes Lake W, P
Hillock Lake LT
Holinshead Lake W, P
Indian Lake W, P, SM, LT
Jaab Lake W, P
Jackfish Lake W, P
Jackinnes Lake W, P, YP
Jean Lake W, P, LT
Jessie Lake W, P, LT, BK
Jones Lake W, P
Kabinakagami River W, P, BK, ST
Kabitotikwia Lake W, P
Kagiano Lake W, P, YP
Kaginu Lake W, P, YP
Kaiarskons Lake W, LT
Kakagi Lake P, SM, LT
Kamiskotia Lake W
Kamiskotia River BK
Kaopskikamak Lake W, P, LT
Kapuskasing River W, P, ST
Kashabowie Lake W, P, SM, LT
Kashishibog Lake W, P
Kawashegamuk Lake W, P, YP, LT, LW
Keg Lake W, P, LW
Kenogamisis Lake W, P, YP, LW
Kilvert Lake W, LT
Kinnyu Lake P, LT
Kirkness Lake W, P, LW
Klotz Lake W, P, YP, LW
Kukukus Lake W, P
Lac des Mille Lacs W, P
Lac la Croix W, P, SM, LT
Lac Seul W, P, YP, LW
Lake Despair W, P
Lake Nipigon W, P, LT, BK
Lake of Bays W, P, LT
Lake of the Woods W, P, M, SM, LT, BC
Lake Superior (Nipigon) YP, LT, BK, RT
Lake Superior (Terrace Bay) W, P, YP, LT, BK, RT, CO, CH
Lakitusaki River P, BK
Lennan Lake LT
Little Abitibi Lake W, P
Little Santoy Lake LT
Little Turtle Lake W, P
Little Vermilion Lake
(Sioux Lookout)
Little Vermilion L. (Red Lake) W, P, LW
Long Lake W, P, YP, LT, LW
Longbow Lake W, P
Longlegged Lake W, P, M, LT, LW
Lower Manitou Lake P, M, SM, LT
Lyne Lake LT
Mameigwess Lake W, P, LT
Manion Lake W, P
Manitounamaig Lake W, P, YP, LW
Marmion Lake W, P
Mattagami River W, P, ST
Maxwell Lake W, P
McCauley Lake P, LT
McCusker Lake W, P, LT, LW
Mckay Lake W, P, LT, LW
McKellar Creek BK, RT
McKenzie Lake P, LT
McLeans Creek BK, RT
Mclnnes Lake W, P, LT, LW
Meggisi Lake P, LT
Mercutio Lake W, P
Mink Creek BK, RT
Minnitaki Lake W, P, M, SM, YP, LT, LW
Missinaibi River W, P, SM, BK, ST
Missisa Lake W, P, LW
Mistango Lake P, LT
Moose Lake W, P
Moose R. (Lower) W, P, BK, LW, ST
Mount Lake W, P, LT
Muskeg Lake P
Muskrat Lake W, P
Nellie Lake LT
Nighthawk Lake W, P
North Caribou Lake W, P, LW
North French River W, P, BK
Northern Light Lake W, P, SM, LT
Northern Washagami Lake BK
Northwind Lake W, P
Nungesser Lake W, P, LW
Obonga Lake P, LT
Ogahalla Lake P, ST, YP, LW
Olifaunt Lake W, P, SM, LT
Onaman Lake W, P
Opasatika River W, P
O'Sullivan Lake W, P, YP, LT, LW
Otukamamoan Lake W, P, LT
Paguchi Lake P, LT
Pakashkan Lake W, P
Pakwash Lake W, P, LW
Palangio Lake LT
Payne Lake P
Pekagoning Lake W, P, LT
Pelicanpouch Lake W, P, SM
Penassi Lake W, P
Perrault Lake W, P, SM, YP, LW
Pickerel L. (Kenora) W, P
Pickerel L. (Atikokan) W, P, SM, LT
Pickle Lake W, P, LT, LW
Pierre Lake W, P
Pine Lake W, P
Pipestone Lake W, P, SM, LT
Pitikupi Lake W
Pivabiska Lake W, P, LW
Poppy Lake W, P, YP
Poshkokagan Lake W, P
Potter Lake W, P
Press Lake W, P, SM
Quetico Lake W, P, SM, LT
Raft Lake W, P
Rainy Lake W, P, SM, BC
Raleigh Lake LT
Ranger Lake W, P, LW
Red Lake W, P, LT, LW
Redpine Lake BK
Remi Lake W, P, LW
Route Lake W, P, LT, LW
Rugby Lake W, P, YP
Saganagons Lake W, P, LT
Saganash Lake W, P
Sand Lake W, P, SM
Sandbank Lake W, P
Sandbar Lake W, P
Sandford Lake W, P, LT
Sandpoint Lake W, P, LM, ST, BC
Santoy Lake W, BK
Savant Lake W, P, LT, LW
Seseganaga Lake W, P, LT
Shack Lake W, P
Shagamu River BK
Shannon Lake W, P
Shebandowan Lake W, P, SM, LT
Shirley Lake W, P
Silver Lake P, LT
Smiley Lake P
Sowden Lake W, P
Sox Lake LT
Springpole Lake W, P, LT, LW
Spruce Lake W, P
St. Joseph Lake W, P, YP, LW
Steel River W, BK, RT, CO, CH, PK
Stormy Lake W, P, LT, LW
Sturgeon L. (Atikokan) W, P, SM, ST
Sturgeon L. (Ignace) W, P, SM, LT
Sutton Lake BK
Tailleurs Lake BK, RT
Teggau Lake P, YP, LT
Tetu Lake W, P, LW
Thaddeus Lake W, P, YP
Thunder Lake W, P, SM, YP, LT, LW
Torrence Lake W, P
Trail Lake LT
Trapnarrows Lake W, P
Trout L. (Red Lake) W, P, LT, LW
Tuktegweik Bay W, P, YP, LW
Turkey Lake W, P, YP, LW
Twin Lake W, P, YP, LW
Two Island Lake W, P, LW
Upper Kesagami Lake W, P
Veronica Lake LT
Victoria Lake W, P, LT
Wababimiga Lake W, P, LW
Wabaskang Lake W, P, M, YP, LW
Wabasta Lake SM, BK
Wabigoon Lake W, P, M, SM, YP
Wapesi Bay W, P, LW
Wapiskau Lake P, BK
Wekweyaukastic Lake W, P
White Otter Lake W, P, LT
Whitefish Lake W, P
Whitesand Lake SM, LT, BK
Wig Lake W, P, YP, LW
Wildgoose Lake W, P, YP, LW
Windigo Lake W, P, LW
Winnange Lake W, P, YP, LT, LW
Winnipeg River W, P, M
Wintering Lake W, P, YP, LW
Woman Lake W, P, LT, LW
Zadi Lake W, P
Zarn Lake W, P, LT, LW

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