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This section provides fishing information for popular lakes & rivers. Before heading out to that new lake or river, check here to find out which fish species inhabit the area.


SM=Smallmouth Bass
LM=Largemouth Bass
P=Northern Pike
YP=Yellow Perch
BC=Black Crappie
RB=Rock Bass
WB=White Bass
BB=Brown Bullhead
RT=Rainbow Trout
BK=Brook Trout
BW=Brown Trout
LT=Lake Trout
H=Lake Herring
CH=Chinook Salmon
CO=Coho Salmon
PK=Pink Salmon
LW=Lake Whitefish
CC=Channel Cat
Adelaide Lake LT
Agnew Lake W, P, SM, YP
Ahmic Lake W, P, SM
Almonte Lake BK
Anima Nipissing Lake W, P, SM, BK, LW
Anjigami Lake W, P
Anvil Lake BK, LT
Armstrong Lake W, SM
Aubrey Lake W, P
Aux Sauble Lake LT
Aylem Lake SM, LT
Batchawana Bay LT, P, YP
Bay Lake W, P, LW
Bear Lake P, SM, YP, LT
Belanger Lake BK
Bernice Lake SM
Big Missinaibi Lake W, P, LT, LW
Big Trout Lake LT
Birch Lake W, P, SM, YP
Biscotasi Lake W, P, LW
Blackstone Lake P, SM, LT
Blacktrout Lake LT
Blanche River W, P
Blue Jay Creek BK, RT, CO, CH
Bridgeland River CH, RT, PK
Bright Lake W, P, SM
Brunswick Lake W, P
Burwash Lake LT
Butler Lake SM
Butt Lake LT
Camp Ten Lake BK, SP
Canoe Lake SM, LT
Canoe Shed Lake W, P
Cassels Lake W, P, SM, LT, LW
Cedar Lake LT
Chiblow Lake SM, LT, LW
Chippewa Bay RT, CO, CH
Chrysler Lake LT
Commanda Lake W, P, SM
Como Lake P, LT
Cross Lake W, P, SM, LT, LW
Dickson Lake LT, BK
Dog Lake W, P, SM, LT
Donnegana Lake P
Duborne Lake W, P, SM, LT
Dunlop Lake W, SM, LT, LW
Echo Lake W, P, SM
Elk Lake W, P
Emerald Lake LT
Endikai Lake W, SM, LT, RT
Esnagi Lake W, P
Evangaline Lake W, P, SM, YP
Fairbank Lake P, SM, LT
Felix Lake RT
Firth Lake SM
Five Mile Lake W, P
Flack Lake LT
Fowke Lake SM, LT
French River W, P, M, SM, LM, YP, LW
Galeairy Lake SM, LT
Garden Lake BK, LT
Georgian Bay - Bayfield W, P, SM
Georgian Bay - Black Bay W, SM
Georgian Bay -
Magnetawan River
W, P, M
Georgian Bay - Moon River W, M, LM, BC
Georgian Bay - Sandy lsland P, SM
Georgian Bay - Spider Bay P
Gong Lake BK, LT
Gordon Lake W, P, SM
Gowganda Lake W, P
Grand Lake LT
Granitehill Lake W, P, LW
Grassy River W, P
Groundhog Lake W, P, LW
Gull Lake W, SM, LT
Halfway Lake P, SM, LT
Halliday Lake W, P
Hangingstone Lake SM
Helenbar Lake BK
Hogan Lake LT, BK
Horwood Lake W, P, LW
Indian Lake W, P, LW
Ingall Lake W, P, SM, LW
Ivanhoe Lake W, P
Joe Lake BK
Jumping Cariboo Lake W, P, SM, LT, LW
Kabenung Lake W, P
Kabinakagami Lake W, P, LW
Kagawong Lake P, SM, YP
Kapuskasing Lake W, P
Kelsie Lake LM
Kenogaming Lake W, P
Kirkpatrick Lake LT, BK, RT
Knife Lake W, P
Kumska Lake LT
La Cloche Lake W, P, SM, YP
La Muir Lake LT, BK
Lady Evelyn Lake W, P, SM, LW
Lake Huron (Sudbury) W, P, M, SM, LM, YP
Lake Nipissing W, P, M, SM, YP, LW
Lake Nosbonsing W, P, M, SM, YP
Lang Lake P, SM
Larder Lake LT
Lauzon Creek CH, RT, S
Lauzon Lake P, M, SM, LT
Lavielle Lake LT, BK
Le Gros Lake W, SM, H
Little Blackstone Lake W
Little White Lake RT, BK
Long Lake P, SM
Longairy Lake BK, RT
Lorimer Lake P, SM, LT
Madawanson Lake SM, LT
Makami Lake W, P
Mallock Lake SM
Manitou L. (North Bay) LT
Manitou L. (Espanola) SM, YP, LT
Manitou River BK, RT, CO, CH
Manitouwabing Lake W, P, SM
Manitowik Lake W, P, LT
Maquon Lake BK
Marten Lake W, P, SM, LT
Mashagama Lake LT, BK
Matinenda Lake P, SM, LT, LW
Mattagami Lake W, P
McConnell Lake LT
McGregor Bay P, SM, YP, SP
Megison Lake LT
Memesagamesing Lake W, SM, LT, LW
Memoir Lake P, LT, LW
Meteor Lake LT
Michipicoten River LT, RT, CO, CH
Michiwakenda Lake W, P
Middleton Lake SM
Midlothian Lake LT
Mijinemungshing Lake LT, BK
Mindemoya River BK, RT, CO, CH
Minisinakwa Lake W, P
Ministic Lake W, BK
Miskokway Lake SM, LT
Mississagi River CH, RT, W, PK, ST
Montreal R. (Wawa) LT, RT, CO, CH
Montreal R. (Temagami) W, P, SM, LW
Montreal R. (Kirkland Lake) W, P, SM
Mount Lake P, SM, LT, LW
Mozhabong Lake P, LT
Murray Lake W, P, SM
Nabakwasi Lake W, P
Nagagami Lake W, P, LW
Nagagami River W, P, BK, ST
Nagagamisis Lake W, P, LW
Neepawasi Lake W, P, M, SM, LM, YP
Nelson Lake P, SM, YP, LT, BK
Nemegosenda Lake W, P, LT
Net Lake W, P, SM, LT, LW
North Channel of Lake Huron CH, PK, SM, P, YP, W
North Tea Lake LT
Oba Lake W, P, YP, LW
Obabika Lake P, SM, LT, LW
Obakamiga Lake W, P, LW
Obushkong Lake W, P
Old Woman Lake LT, BK
Oliver Lake P, SM
Ompa Lake RT
Onaping Lake P, M, SM, LT
Opeepeesway Lake W, P, LW
Opeongo Lake SM, LT
Opikinimika Lake W, P
Opishing Lake W
Otisse Lake SM
Ottawa R. (North Bay) W, P, LW
Otter Lake SM, LT
Panache Lake W, P, SM, YP, LT
Pancake Lake BK, LT
Pancake River RT, CO, CH
Penache Lake W, SM, LT
Peshu Lake P, LT, LW
Pharand Lake W, P
Pigeon Lake P, SM
Pipe Lake SP
Pogamasing Lake W, P, SM, LT
Prairie Bee Lake W, P, LW
Quintet BK, LT
Rabbit Lake W, P, SM, LT, LW
Ramsey Lake W, P
Ranger Lake LT, LW
Red Cedar Lake W, P, SM, LT, LW
Red Squirrel Lake W, P, SM, LT, LW
Restoule Lake W, P, M, SM, H
Rib Lake W, P, SM, LT, LW
Rocky Island Lake W, P, LT
Rollo Lake W, P, LT, LW
Round Lake W, P, YP
Sandplain Lake RT
Sasaginaga Lake P, SM, LT
Saymo LT
Scorch Lake W, P, ST
Serpent River CH, W, S, P
Sesekinika Lake W, P, YP
Shakwa Lake LT
Shekak Lake W, P
Shekak River W, P, BK
Sill Lake BK
Sinaminda Lake P, LT
Sinclair Lake W, P
Smoke Lake SM. LT
Sollman Lake LT
St. Anthony Lake LT
St. Marys River RT, CO, CH
Sturgeon River W, P, SM
Suzanne Lake BK
Talon Lake W, P, M, SM, LT
Tank Lake BK
Tatachikapika River BK
Temagami Lake W, P, SM, LT, LW
Temiskaming Lake W, P, SM, LW, SA
Thessalon River CH, RT, S, W
Threecorner Lake P
Tilden Lake W, P, SM
Tilley Lake W
Timm Lake LT
Tomiko Lake SM, BK
Tomiko River W, M, SM, LT
Trethewey Lake LT
Trout (Burpee Twp.) SM, LT
Trout (McDougall Twp.) LT
Trout L. (North Bay) W, M, SM, LT
Tunnel Lake W, P, SM
Turkey Lake BK, LT
Upper Green Lake P, LT
Upper Matachewan Lake LT
Venetian Lake P, SM
Vermilion Lake W, P, SM
Wabatongushi Lake W, P
Wakami Lake W, P
Wakomata Lake P, SM, LT
Wanapitei Lake W, P, SM, LT
Wangoon Lake W, P, LW
Waonga Lake LT
Wasaksina Lake W, P, SM, LT, LW
Watabeag Lake LT
Waterloo Lake LT
Wawa Lake LT, BK, LW
Wawiagama L. (Round) P, LT, LW
Welcome Lake LT
Wendigo Lake LT
White Birch Lake BK, LT
White Lake W, P
Whitefish Lake W, P
Whitestone Lake W, P, SM
Whitewater Lake W, P
Wicksteed Lake W, P
Windermere Lake W, P, LT, LW
Windy Lake W, SM, LT, BK
Wolsey Lake P, SM, YP

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