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     Lake Kissimmee is the ''anchor'' of the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes, and has a reputation as one of Florida's most productive bass and panfish lakes. It is also the most remote of Florida's 10 largest, highly acclaimed bass waters. Lake Kissimmee hosts healthy populations of largemouth bass, black crappie, bluegill and redear sunfish.

Lake Kissimmee is the largest of five main water impoundments on the Kissimmee River in central Florida. Lake Kissimmee fishing reports consistently put this lake on the national map as one of the best largemouth lakes in the nation. The lake has been revitalized in the past decade with implants of more beneficial vegetation. These changes created new critical spawning areas for the the largemouth, and other fish species. Lake Kissimmee is located east of the City of Lake Wales in the heart of Osceola County.

We will list 12 Area's on or around the lake that have been known to hold black bass. You can also visit the Florida Fish and wildlife conservation commission to get more information.

Area #1 The Highway 60 bridge area on the south end of Lake Kissimmee produces largemouth bass, crappie and catfish in summer. This spot is excellent when the S-65 lock is open and water is moving out. For bass, fish deep water around the bridge pilings with plastic worms and deep-diving crankbaits. Crappie prefer deep, cool water around the bridge during summer. Minnows and jigs are your best bet.

Area #2 The area between the Shady Oaks Fish Camp and the Highway 60 bridge provides good spring bass action on plastic worms and craws, topwaters and Rat-L-Traps.. Work the old river channel, marked by scattered grass outcroppings. This is a good spring spawning area for bass. In summer, flip plastic worms, rigged Florida-style with a screw in bullet sinker, along the edges of the vegetation. Look for schooling bass in June and July.

Area #3 This is the prime spawning area on the south end of the lake. Fish the shallows with spinnerbaits, plastic worms, craws and jerk baits in late winter and early spring.


Area #4 This deep-water break off the east side of Brahma Island drops into 6 foot depths, creating holes in the vegetative cover. Work the cover for bass in the summer and again in late fall for shallow fish, staging for spawning.

Area #5 During summer, work jerkbaits, plastic worms, vibrating plugs and spinnerbaits for bass along the southeast corner of Brahma Island. Cast around hydrilla and the edges of the drop-offs along the cut. Depths vary from 2 to 8 feet and average 4 to 5 feet off the main channel.

Area #6 The cut behind Brahma Island, extending between Rocky Point and Otter Slough, is a good spot for summer bass. Throw topwater lures early and late in the day along the edge of lily pads and scattered hydrilla. When the sun is high, flip the pads around the weed transitions.

Area #7 The westernmost point of Brahma Island has a good drop off marked by lily pads and hydrilla growth. Work topwater bass lures early in the day along the edges of the hydrilla. Switch to lipless vibration lures and plastic jerk baits, worms and craws as the sun moves higher. Work the cut toward Otter Slough, casting the hydrilla seams and pockets.

Area #8 This small cove is called Polluted Waters but, in spite of the name, the water is not polluted. Fish weedless spoons and plastic worms to the cover at the mouth of the cove. Spring and summer are prime times. Flipping works best along the line of maidencane and Kissimmee grass.

Area #9 Shallows on the northwest shore of Brahma Island attract spawning bass in late winter and early spring. Work the inside of the outer grassline with weedless plastics. In summer, flip the outside edges of the grassline.

Area #10 Scattered lilypads and Kissimmee grass hold bass most of the year. Use topwaters early around the scattered grass patches then work the heaviest cover with weedless plastics.

Area #11 Jack's Slough produces bass in late spring and summer. Vegetation edges are especially good after a rain, which increases the current from Jackson Creek. Retrieve plastic worms, jerk baits, spoons and spinnerbaits around the vegetation and contours at the mouth of the inlet. Live shiners will bring out the big bass.

Area #12 Scattered grass in 4 to 7 feet in the Three Oaks area attract bass. Cast spoons, topwater plugs or buzz baits along the outside grassline early in the year. Bass spawn in the nearby shallows in early spring. This is also a prime spawning spot for bluegill and redear.

Well I hope the 12 areas identified in this Lake Kissimmee Florida Fishing Reports will help on you plan your next freshwater fishing trip to Florida. Lets Go Fish'in!

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