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     Stump Lake is an impoundment of the Mississippi River, located approximately four miles downsteam of Lake Bemidji. It is 290 acres in size and has a maximum depth of 24 feet, although most of the lake is rather shallow and under 15 feet deep. Stump Lake does not receive heavy fishing pressure since the majority of the shoreline is privately owned. Most anglers enter Stump Lake via the Mississippi River travelling from Lake Bemidji. The main fish species in Stump Lake, includes black crappie, bluegill, northern pike, walleye, yellow perch, largemouth bass, muskellunge, and bullhead catfish.

Bluegill fishing in Stump Lake can be very good. The population is very healthy with average bluegill being between 7-8 inches. These are excellent sport for the ultralight angler and tasty table fare. Bluegill are caught by traditional methods, although a bobber and worm, waxworm, maggot or cricket are hard to beat. The lake also has a good population of hybrid sunfish up to 9.5 inches in length. Stump Lake is well suited for sunfish with an abundance of aquatic vegetation, bulrush, and fallen trees. Black crappie are also found in Stump Lake , although not as abundant as bluegill. The average Stump Lake crappie is 10" which is an excellent size for table fare. Larger crappie seem to be rarer in numbers in the lake.

The most abundant fish in Stump Lake is the Largemouth Bass. The lake has a very healthy population of bass with fish of all sizes present in the population. The lake is well suited for largemouth bass due to it's shallow nature, and many weedbeds, stumps, fallen trees and bulrushes. Bass are relatively easy to catch in Stump Lake using topwater presentations, spinnerbaits and plastic worms. Fish in excess of 5 lbs are caught annually, although the average is 2-3 lbs.

Although not considered a top walleye lake, Stump Lake does hold a population of walleye. These fish are enriched by it's connection with Lake Bemidji and the Mississippi river. Stump Lake walleye although fewer in numbers average 4 lbs, which makes for a great bonus fish while fishing for bass. The walleye are more active during low light conditions and at night.

The northern pike population of Stump Lake is considered poor due to the decline of yellow perch in the lake. Although pike are still caught annually, most are small. Muskellunge are a rare catch in the lake although a small population is known to exist.

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