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Salmonier River

     The Salmonier River is located in Newfoundland, about a 3 hr drive east on the trans-canada highway from Gander International airport and about 1 hr drive west of the St. John's airport. The river boasts huge runs of atlantic salmon and sea-run brown trout. Resident fish species include brown and brook trout.

    One of the main species targeted by anglers are sea-run brown trout. The stream is relatively small so light to medium tackle (4-7 wt) is the norm. Most anglers use leaders with 6-10 lb tippets although catch & release is not widely practiced. For larger pools a heavier leader (10-12 lb) is a good idea since there are many obstacles such as rocks & fallen trees that large trout will use to break you off.

     Small salmon flies size 10-14 are the norm but larger orange bugs of any size have been known to frequently work well. Go to any convenience store or gas station along your route and look through the fly selection for a "salmonier special" preferably size 10-12, this is a killer on salmon & sea-run browns. The pattern consists of small gold tinsel rib, wine or cherry body, white calf's tail wing, and a black head.

     Another highly prized fish in the Salmonier River is the altantic salmon. Techniques and setups are the same for the sea-run brown trout, although heavier lines are the norm for these hard fighting fish.

     River hotspots include Pinsent's Falls, the Flats, and Murphy's Falls. Fishing Action is best from the last week of June to mid July, with salmon predominately being caught anywhere in the lower reaches of the river.

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